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Our story

Due to the heaviness of my physical job in delivering canisters weighing 5 kg-65 kg (mainly 25 and 35 kg), I started years ago to think about how I could make my daily handling of these canisters easier. That's how I developed the lifting and carrying aid, which makes my work much easier and is easy on the back and energy. The technical rooms of my customers are mainly located in basements. Carrying the canisters down the stairs puts an enormous strain on the body. 

Using my lifting and carrying aid makes the work much easier. Over the entire working day, more energy remains and thus also a more positive attitude to life. 

After years of working with my lifting and carrying aid, I would no longer like to imagine "work" without it. My lifting and carrying aid is also excellent for lifting and carrying other objects such as tubs, transport boxes, beverage crates and trays, baskets, etc. Moving work in conjunction with slings. 

I am 100% convinced of my development and would like to pass on the effect of my lifting and carrying aid and thus make the work of heavy activities easier. The optimal use in the field of transport, construction site, business and household, gardening and landscaping, wineries, beverage trade, agriculture, moving and much more.

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